Easyfairs named ‘Enterprise of the Year’ in Belgium

The parent company of Easyfairs Venues – Belgium-based Easyfairs – has been named ‘Enterprise of the Year 2018’ in its home country. Since 1996, this prestigious award has been presented to the crème de la crème of the Belgian business world. An independent jury of specialists gave this year’s award to Easyfairs based on such criteria as strategic focus, innovation, openness to the outside world, exemplary management and financial performance. The award is a joint initiative by newspaper L’Echo, Ernst & Young and BNP Paribas Fortis bank.

Founder and CEO Eric Everard: “Easyfairs sets itself apart as a leading event organiser and event location manager in such countries as Belgium and the Netherlands. Since 2016 we’ve ranked in the top 20 event organisers worldwide. This award is a giant vote of confidence and a reward for the hard work of our entire team. In addition, this will give us a huge boost in all of our future challenges.”

Ever since its foundation 20 years ago, Easyfairs has been a paragon of creative growth: 13% per year through the launch of new event brands, the development and geo-cloning of existing brands and the takeover of brands of other organisers. “Every year we reinvest 80% of our profits in future projects and activities”, Everard concludes.

With an all-in budget formula Easyfairs has succeeded in launching several hundred trade fairs in every corner of Europe. Every year Easyfairs organises a total of 218 own events. We are very proud to be part of Easyfairs.  This award is a reward for Eric’s unique method of working that benefits our visitors, customers and staff every single day.

Easyfairs implements an extremely customer-oriented approach. Customer input and feedback are the driving force behind the development of new products and services. Finally, as an organisation, Easyfairs is able to keep its finger on the pulse through the geo-cloning of existing concepts and the industrialisation of key processes across all Easyfairs subsidiaries.

“More than ever, those events that bring communities together have a bright future on condition that they put the customer front and centre in the decision-making process and keep the customer experience as simple, intuitive, innovative and transformative as possible. Also, the use of new technologies should enhance that customer experience”, Everard concludes.

Easyfairs uitgeroepen tot 'Onderneming van het Jaar' in België.
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