PFL Streaming Studio’s

A fully decorated streaming and recording studio

Online events are part of the new normal. How to organise such online events with speakers and guests without worrying about the technical side of things?

PFL has the solution: the streaming studios! From a personalised and professional studio in Antwerp Expo you can bring your message across to your target audience in a professional manner. Our professionals are at your beck and call to organise a flawless digital event, success guaranteed!

Table setting

This table setting offers room for five. A number of virtual speakers can take part in the meeting thanks to a number of LED screens set up around the table. You can also use these screens to create your own style and atmosphere in the studio.

Casual setting

This casual studio is the perfect setting to share your message with your target audience in a more informal manner. You can use additional screens to involve virtual speakers in the event as well. Three participants can be displayed simultaneously.

Your benefits?

How about cost-effective, time-saving and efficient…

Both studios are spacious so social distancing is not a problem.

Fitted out with high-quality equipment such as cameras, microphones, LED displays...

No time wasted on construction and dismantling as the studios are ready to use in no time.

Good accessibility both via public transport and by car and sufficient parking options in the vicinity.

Expansion options

Would you like to follow up your online event with a breakout session?
No problem because the studios can be perfectly combined with our Meeting Centre for the organisation of seminars, product launches, lectures, …

Your next event in the PFL studio?

We’ll be happy to assist you

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