Cosy dining!

Enjoy a lovely lunch or a dinner at one of our catering points during your visit. Our chefs prepare fresh dishes with accompanying guilty pleasures that cater to every taste. A table for two? Or an apero for friends & co? Indulge in culinary pampering at Antwerp Expo.

Charlie's burger bar Antwerp Expo
Salad Marie & Luigi

fresh each day

Fresh products from local vegetable and meat suppliers make all the difference on your plate.


Recyclable packaging and cooking without additives whenever possible are just two examples.

For everyone

Do yourself a favour and stop worrying about allergies and intolerances, we will be happy to take care of it for you!


A client-oriented and experienced service makes the experience more qualitative.

Charlie's burgers & salads

Charlie’s is the perfect lunch break spot. There’s something for everyone in the wide range of homemade hamburgers and fresh salads or you can simply enjoy a cold beer or a hot cup of coffee.

burgers and salads Charlie's Antwerp Expo
Charlies restaurant Antwerp Expo
Marie & Luigi visual
Marie & Luigi Restaurant Antwerp Expo

Brasserie Marie & Luigi

The best of Belgium on your plate

From a delicious, authentic pasta carbonara to the classic Flemish beef stew with crispy fries. Brasserie Marie & Luigi serves the best of both worlds with a menu that combines traditional Flemish dishes with Italian specialities. Moreover, Marie & Luigi stands for impeccable quality because all dishes are prepared with fresh local ingredients.

A big thank you to our partners

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