Antwerp Expo goes sustainable

With the installation of solar panels on the roof of Hall 1, LED lighting in our halls and offices, and charging points for electric cars, we have taken further big steps towards making events even more sustainable. So our future not only looks rosy, but green too!

Energy-efficient event venue
Last summer, 991 solar panels (approx. 4,000 m2) were installed on the roof of Hall 1, on the side of Jan Van Rijswijcklaan. An extensive study deemed this roof ideal for this purpose. Today, the solar panels produce about 400 kWp, covering our entire energy consumption!

We also replaced all the lighting in our halls and offices with LED lighting early this year. So we are not only generating our own energy but also consuming less and less of it.

Sustainable travel
To encourage visitors, exhibitors and organisers to use sustainable transportation for getting to and from Antwerp Expo, we have installed 6 charging points in our exhibitor and visitor car parks. This means you can charge your electric car quickly while visiting an event here, helping with the installation or breakdown of a stand, or during an appointment at our offices.

Coming to Antwerp Expo? Public transport, by bicycle, on foot or by car: find the best route here.

A green future
Going forward, we will continue to take actions to make events more sustainable. The number of charging points will be doubled in the near future and we are also installing a new heating system in Hall 2 and Hall 3 this summer. This will allow us to better monitor the temperatures in these halls, which will increase the comfort of our visitors, organisers and exhibitors alike.

Want to know how you – as a visitor, exhibitor or organiser – can make your visit to Antwerp Expo even more sustainable? 

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